I moved to Josephine County in 2001 to raise my family and start a business in Grants Pass (Martin's Printing).  I really appreciate the business and family based community that I have come to call home. Throughout the last 15 years, I have had the honor of serving the community with my business, and dealing with a variety people, personalities and world views.  I have come to appreciate our entire community as a whole and grateful to have prospered here.  My wife and I have been married for 23 years and we are raising our 3 children here, sending them to local schools both private and public. We enjoy all the activity and beauty of our area, from walks in the park to rafting the Rogue on hot summer days.


Politics has never been an active personal pursuit on my part, however, in recent years the County and City of Grants Pass have put forth a number of measures and levies in an effort to deal with the shortfall of public safety funds.  While I believe this funding is critical to preserving our way of life, I also believe these ballet measures were poorly written and ultimately would have a negative affect our economy, such as the implementation of a sales tax.  I believe there is a better way and that’s why I’ve decided to put my name on the ballot.  I am an independent conservative who truly believes that taxation should be a last resort and that sound fiscal policies are the key to insuring our future.  I promise not to be a politician trying to coerce votes, but a man trying to gain your trust

Restore Trust:

One of the main problems I see is that policies have been pursued without first laying the ground work for trust or considering the feedback of the greater community.  I am confident that this relationship between our county government and the people can be repaired and trust restored.  Through honest interaction and a no spin political approach, I hope to be a positive change to the local government culture.  I will always remember that the revenue used in this county is yours, that it was hard earned and needs to be well managed!

Purpose of Elected Official:

The role of the elected official is to represent the will of the people inside the government structure, administer the county financial obligations and protect the welfare of the county and its inhabitants.  At times there are conditions that polarize the community and leadership needs to educate, advocate and reach a consensus for a new direction.

Why I am Running...

Why I am Running...



O&C, Timber Harvest and Coordination...

O&C, Timber Harvest and Coordination...

Issues Facing our County

Q: Economic Development
A: Focus on the Future

Josephine County will be best served by a holistic approach to economic development.  We need to identify our unique assets and create and implement a strategic plan for economic stability in our county.  Moving forward is a community responsibility, not an option.

As your County Commissioner I will:

  • Remove Barriers in planning & zoning
  • Tap I-5 Corridor for tourism
  • Work with State & Feds to infuse
    funds for Economic Development
  • Work to help bring new companies to our county

Q: Public Safety
A: Safety First Funding

The main political issue facing our county is Public Safety Funding.  This is the issue that both polarizes our community and is used as an excuse by all agendas as to why we are not moving forward. We need a new approach, Safety First Funding.

As your County Commissioner I will:

  • Work to Prioritize the Budget for Public Safety First
  • Conduct Financial and Performance audits of county departments
  • Review all County assets and properties for revenue
  • Trim and Dedicate:  After audits we will trim and
    dedicate to Public Safety
  • Explore privatizing services with the goal of adding
    revenue with the purpose of reducing the
    taxpayer's financial burden
  • Work together to fix any and all shortfall

Our Future

The best days of this County are in front of us-not behind us. I have seen the creative energies of this community in action, we will create jobs and opportunity,  we will have a community that reflects our spiritual beliefs, we will work together to provide safety and security for our families, friend and neighbors. Together we will protect our culture for those who inherit our legacy.


"There's a Better Way,  We have to find it,  Then we have to do it."

Thomas Edison